Riding the Indian Scout FTR750!

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By Scott Rousseau

The clop, clop, clop of my steel shoe resonating through my helmet as I walked through the uncomfortable October heat at Perris Auto Speedway in my trusty NJK leathers as I headed toward the snarling motorcycle that was waiting for me.

Not just any motorcycle, mind you, but maybe the most amazing motorcycle I’ve ever been privileged to ride in my 25 years as a moto-scribe.

DirtBikes.com Editor-in-Chief and MO contributor Scott Rousseau rolls the Indian Scout FTR750 through a corner at the Perris Half Mile. Rousseau was one of a select few journalists to ride the bike, which won the American Flat Track Twins Championship with Jared Mees aboard in its debut season. Photo by Nick Stover.

And all I could think before I swung a leg over this gorgeous deep red, black and white Indian Scout FTR750 flat-tracker – something that only a handful of professional flat trackers, let alone aging motorcycle journalists, has ever done – was to blurt out a little sarcastic humor to my friend Bryan Bergen.

“Stand back,” I told Bergie, “I’m gonna throw this thing through the fence.”

It was nervous sarcasm to be sure, as the last thing I wanted to do was scratch anything besides the tires on what I believe is one of the coolest purpose-built, factory racing motorcycles ever. My mind was quickly rehashing the paperwork I’d signed in order to ride the damn thing in the first place. I couldn’t recall seeing a clause on the order of, “If you crash the hell out of this thing, you owe us 50 grand,” but it was probably in the fine print, and my eyes are too shot to read that tiny drivel anymore.

Besides, I would have signed my life away for the opportunity to ride an Indian model that has already made …read more

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