Slow Adults MMC (Mini Motorcycle Club) On Honda Mini Trails

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By Brent Jaswinski

Have you ever dreamt of being able to ride your motorcycle anywhere and everywhere? Of course you have, as that’s probably one of the main reasons why you bought one in the first place – to adventure with! Motorcycles, simply put, are adventure machines. They’re obviously designed to take you places, however, motorcycles each have their own capabilities and limitations on where they can go and what they can do. For instance, you wouldn’t take your R1 or Gixxer down a long, rutted, dirt road or trail would you? Well, maybe you might, but it wouldn’t be ideal. A dual-sport or adventure bike would be much better suited for such a task. But even these bikes have their limits. However, one type of bike can do all the above while not only putting a giant smile on your face, but also on any onlookers who happen to see you too! I’m talking about minibikes here, people.

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Josh’s trick 1974 Honda Z50.

They may be mini, but they’re mega fun, and they’re not just for children. The Slow Adults Mini Motorcycle Club is a group of Honda Mini Trail enthusiasts who have taken restoring, riding and adventuring on minibikes to a whole new level. Most of the bikes they own and ride are Honda Z50s, but other makes and models are loved just the same. They’re keen on searching out and breathing new life into vintage minibikes that have been neglected, likely sitting in garages, sheds or even closets for years. Not only do the Slow …read more

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