Church of MO: 2005 Sport Touring Comparo

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By John Burns

In those days, they had no need for copy editing, as the words flowed forth as freely as the wine and frozen Cheetos. And if MO posted one thing a week, it was doing fine. Why not let’s all ride to San Francisco for a week? Yes, let’s – and post a 10,000-word story when we get back. Ahh, the good old days.

2005 Sport Touring Comparo

BMW R1200RT :: Buell Ulysses :: Honda ST 1300 :: Honda InterceptorABS :: Yamaha FJR1300

By MO Staff Oct. 20, 2005
Photography by Fonzie
      Here’s a dumb expression: “You can’t have your cake and eat it, too.” Well, why else would you buy a cake? We don’t buy cakes to look at. And to look at the average American, we’re eating a lot of cake. And it’s the same for motorcycles, at least to the enlightened MO motorcyclist. Our motorcycle is fopartner, and have enough room for a bunch of stuff. Is being able to store your helmet in a locking container at the end of a ride asking too much? r riding, first and foremost. And if we want to ride long distances, the bike should be able to handle twisty pavement, be comfortable enough for the life Welcome to the wonderful world of Sport Touring. Once a category dominated by BMW, the sport-tourer category is now broken into many sub-categories.

Depending on how sporty you like your touring bike, or how touring-oriented you like your sportbike, there is something for every taste these days.

Which is the best? To answer that, we first spent some time hashing out here at MO what a “Sport-tourer” is. Does it mean factory hard …read more

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