47moto Shows Off New 250cc Sport Standard

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By Brent Jaswinski

The motorcycle industry is currently in a transitional phase where older generations of motorcyclists are starting to hang up their leathers while manufacturers do their best to entice younger prospective riders to take up and enjoy our dear sport of motorcycling. The small-displacement market has been on the rise for some time, with several successful models within the 250cc-400cc range that aim to get beginner riders started.

47moto Mosquito

Latching onto these popular trends and confident it can create a bike that can outperform current options is 47moto. Based out of Minnesota and led by Mike Samarzja, a former Buell design manager of 17 years, 47moto plans to offer three lightweight 250cc models tailored to urban life, where increasingly more people are living these days. Its flagship model, aptly named the Mosquito, is targeting those who are looking for a small, economical and easy-to-use motorcycle but don’t want to compromise when it comes to style.

What’s unique about the Mosquito is the modular nature of its frame. It will allow riders to adjust their footpegs and handlebars as well as ride height without sacrificing suspension travel to create a tailored fit for nearly any size of rider. This has two likely benefits. It provides beginners the ability to find comfortable, confidence-inspiring ergonomics, and it allows more experienced riders to dial in a setup they prefer without costly modifications. Also paramount to 47moto is the Mosquito’s affordability both in the purchase price and in maintenance costs, making it easy for the buyer to justify the expense of owning a motorcycle. But most importantly, 47moto stresses …read more

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