New From SPIDI Evorider Leather Lady Jacket

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The new SPIDI Evorider Leather Lady jacket looks to be a great option for women in search of a sportier jacket, and it’s available in five different colorways.

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SPIDI Evorider Leather Lady is an advanced sporty leather jacket for riders.

It introduces solutions developed during the Grand Prix to road use, skillfully combining competition performances to fit and the daily purposes. It features LEAT+ER technology, premium Italian quality leather, WARRIOR TECHNOLOGY external protectors and BIOMECHANIC internal protectors for a higher degree of safety.

Designed and engineered in Vicenza, aka the European tanning district where the best cowhides in the world are crafted, Evorider Leather Lady comes equipped with EN1621-1 certified Multitech protectors on shoulders and elbows, plus the ability to host the EN1621-2 Lev.1 and Lev.2 certified Warrior Back protectors. Warrior Tech external shields have also been placed on the shoulders to provide extra protection in event of a crash.

Warrior Tech is the result of experiments on track, through software simulations and tests in the urban environment; a new technology with a careful study of bio-mechanics, able to protect the rider in the most sensitive areas in the event of a fall. Thanks to its modular design, it adapts perfectly to the natural shapes of the human body.

SPIDI’s 30 years of experience on the GPs scene, made the difference in terms of ergonomics, fit and a general construction that enhances unparalleled freedom of movements and control on the bike, especially thanks to the extensive Flex Tenax panels on the torso and arms.

On the inside, a comfortable lining provides a cozy sensation to the rider, while the Step-in Clothing attachments allow to mount the optional thermal liner and the famous H2Out waterproof, breathable and windbreaking membrane, so to allow this jacket to be worn from …read more

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