The Gateway: Learning To Ride With Coach2Ride

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By Luke Colombero

My first crash on a motorcycle was a highside. I knew not as to why I had flung over the handlebars like a circus acrobat. I had never ridden a bike before, so my skills on one were very subpar. That was until I went to Coach2Ride, the school that gave me my first step into exercising my passion to become a proficient motorcyclist.

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In order to give everybody some background, I cannot (legally) drive cars or ride streetbikes yet, seeing as I am only 15 years old. The most expensive item in my possession is the computer that I am currently using to write this article. I say this because somebody my age has a very small entryway into the sport of riding motorcycles. There aren’t any indoor party tracks with gear and gas to celebrate someone’s birthday party, or pawn shops dealing affordably priced beginner bikes. That is why Coach2Ride was such an amazing school to begin my quest in riding.

A shiny new Kawasaki KLX140 is a great place to start a riding career.

Coach2Ride is a dirtbike riding school in Anza, California, with levels from beginner to advanced. The two coaches, Bonnie Warch and Andrea Beach, give students a quick and easy way to understand the core fundamentals of how to ride a dirtbike while also providing riders with riding gear and dirt bikes for the course. Again, a 15-year-old guy like me has no way to bring a motorcycle to any location, so the inclusion of a dirtbike in the school is like lifting a burdensome weight off of one’s shoulders. Even though I already owned the necessary riding gear for a secure ride, it is still nice to know that the school provides all of the gear a beginner …read more

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