First Look: 2018 Honda Gold Wing and Gold Wing Tour

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By Evans Brasfield

Not many manufacturers can say they’ve had a model in continuous production for 43 years, but Honda can make that claim with their legendary Gold Wing. Over those model years, Honda has set aside just six versions representing what it calls milestone models – the last of which was produced way back in 2001 with the introduction of the GL1800 Gold Wing. The Wing has been well overdue for an upgrade, and the rumor mill was in full-on salivation mode about the prospects of a ground-up remake for 2018.

One might imagine how excited we MOrons were at the opportunity to see the new 2018 Gold Wing in the flesh a full day before it would be unveiled to the rest of the world. With that modest head start, we could have a story – and video – ready in time to showcase the new model and its changes the moment our NDA with Honda expired.

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On Golden Wings

Yesterday, we jumped on a 2017 Gold Wing at Honda’s Torrance headquarters and took an afternoon blast up to Santa Barbara for a special meeting with Honda’s development team. To say we were impressed at the first glance of the new bike would be an understatement. The difference in size between the new and old Wings was astonishing. The team at Honda, while maintaining the Gold Wing’s touring roots, clearly has put higher performance front-and-center during the development process. Honda says part of the reason for this is that they want to attract more than just the typical older touring rider. They think the new Wing …read more

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