Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket Review

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By Ryan Burns

Icon 1000 Retrograde Jacket

Editor Score: 79.5%

Aesthetics 8.0/10
Protection 8.0/10
Value 7.0/10
Comfort/Fit 8.5/10
Quality/Design 9.0/10
Weight 7.5/10
Options/Selection 7.0/10
Innovation 8.0/10
Weather Suitability 7.5/10
Desirable/Cool Factor 9.0/10
Overall Score 79.5/100

Leather is nice. Leather chairs, leather interior, leather underpants (some chafing may occur). You name it, it’s good in leather, especially riding jackets. They’re classic, classy, and typically a high-quality piece of equipment that will keep the skin on your back.

Icon, may be more typically known for their more affordable neon colored pieces you’ve seen on the man doing a handstand wheelie down the 405, describes its 1000 line as a blend of retro styling and modern technology, which I would say describes the Retrograde jacket pretty fittingly. Retro in its classic looks and mostly plain brown, copyrighting alert, Selectgrain™ leather, it gets its modern luxuries in the form of some triangular accents on the shoulder area where you will also find some external “Icon 1000” alloy plating to keep your dainty shoulders from boo-boos, and flexible but tough CE certified D3O armor padding throughout the jacket that provides protection in the shoulders, elbows, and back. All of which are removable and replaceable in case you want to throw something a bit more sturdy in, but be sure it fits the pocket first. You’ll also find some delightfully perforated leather on the inner arms and a slim section of the sides, and an “attack” cut that won’t have the neck bunched up into your helmet on bikes with spicier riding positions.

External shoulder armor complements the removable D3O internal pieces.

The perforated leather on the inner arms and sides has been a treat for this toasty Orange County summer; it allows plenty of airflow to come in and wash away the stank, but Icon claims this is a cool …read more

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