Church of MO: 2007 Liter Bike Shootout

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By John Burns

And in those days, Duke Danger first appeared at MO, and the whole crew was cast out into the desert: Pete and Buzz, Fonzie and a young man named Alex Edge who made an all-too-brief appearance on our pages. And so King Curtis of Willow, who was begat by Ray, who was begat by Okies, welcomed them, and amid a great wailing and gnashing of gears, and noshing of Cheetos, test the Big Four they did do. A reading from the book of Pete…

2007 Liter Bike Shootout

Honda CBR 1000RR : Kawasaki ZX-10R : Suzuki GSX-R1000 : Yamaha YZF R-1

By Pete Brissette May. 05, 2007

Photography by Fonzie Video by Fonzie
Willow Springs Raceway, CA

What does it take to win? If you take a moment to consider competition, whether it be in the realm of sports, business, interoffice battles or even in nature, there are often clear-cut winners. But this becomes less and less the case as you move up the food chain, so to speak.

Sports are what we most easily relate to when we think of competition. And what better, universally accepted example – or it least it should be – of competition than the Olympics. To compete in the Olympics, one doesn’t merely show up on the day and jump into the field of play.

Two new, and two not-so-new still adds up to four for fun!Two new, and two not-so-new still adds up to four for fun!

There’s an arduous process to get yourself on your nation’s team, let alone actually find yourself in the Olympics. Then the competition really begins. All those competing have earned …read more

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