European Bike Sales Also Down in 2017

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By John Burns

Meanwhile in the Old Country, the European Association of Motorcycle Manufacturers (ACEM) has released its third-quarter numbers. In Europe, they keep track of the bike population by counting new registrations, and for the first nine months of this year, new motorcycle sales were down 5.1%. If you include mopeds, new registrations are down just 1.6%.

New motorcycle registrations totaled 771,327 units during the first nine months of the year. Italy’s 177,336 units represent a 6.4% uptick for Europe’s largest motorcycle market. France registrations were 132,950 motorcycles, up 2.4%. Sales in Germany tanked: 126,592 motorcycles registered is -11.7% fewer than this time last year. Spain’s 105,184 motorcycles is an 8.5% downturn, and the UK’s 80,222 new motorcycles is a 15.4% decline. Oh dear.

Of those, a total of 3,121 electric motorcycles were registered between January and September 2017 – a 13.4% decline. The largest European markets for electric motorcycles were: France (892, +4%), Spain (808, +51.9%) Germany (405, -32.3%), and Austria (691, -60.5%).

Mixing mopeds in makes the picture less gloomy; their 9.3% increase through Q3 to 280,279 units lets ACEM lead with combined sales of motorcycles and mopeds being down just 1.6%. Later, it divulges the uptick is partially due to the Slovenian government mandating all owners of unregistered mopeds register them.

Mopeds are two-wheelers less than 50cc. Photo by Tod Rafferty

France upholds its most-Green lead, same as with electrics, when it comes to mopeds (73,646 units, +7.2%); Netherlands (58,672 units, +5.9%), Germany (22,742 units, -9.2%), Poland (20,550 units, -4.1%), and Italy (19,823 units, -0.3%).

Motorcyclewise, ACEM didn’t speculate what led to the double-digit downturns, and we have no theories …read more

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