Ryan Dungey and Red Bull Present: Homegrown

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By Brent Jaswinski

We’ve all seen ‘Field of Dreams’ where Kevin Costner builds a baseball field into a cornfield, and while that was pretty neat, I think we can all agree building a motocross track into a cornfield is waaay cooler.

Not many people have the luxury to say they’ve retired from their profession at the pinnacle of their career, let alone at the ripe age of 27, however, Ryan Dungey shocked the motorcycle world when he announced his retirement earlier this year after the Monster Energy Supercross season came to an end. This is not to say, though, that Ryan got to where he is by chance or magic. It’s no secret that Dungey was one of, if not the hardest working racers in the industry – four Supercross and three outdoor motocross championship titles don’t just fall in your lap.

In addition to his seven major AMA championships, he’s won the world’s largest international motocross race, Motocross des Nations, three times. Ryan’s success is a testament to his work ethic and will to succeed because he comes from humble beginnings in Minnesota and wasn’t noticed as a serious contender until late into his amateur career. Once Suzuki picked him up, the rest became history.

Dungey was so dominant in the last few years of his career that it almost became boring watching him win all those races. The real battles were the ones that determined who would round out the podium in second and third. This was very much the same case with Ryan Villopoto before he retired and opened the door for Dungey. At the time, I never considered myself to be a Dungey fan, but now that he’s gone, I have to admit I miss seeing him ride.

Just because Ryan won’t be lining up at the gate each Saturday night this …read more

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