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By Chris Kallfelz

I had cause to reflect back on 40-some-odd years of riding and the changes we have witnessed, with an inquiry seeking enlightenment from the MO Think Tank. The query was cause for reflection: “Will I Be Shunned if I Ride an Automatic Motorcycle?”

Ask MO: Will I Be Shunned If I Ride An Automatic Motorcycle?

The note was written by a prospective rider:

Dear MOby,

I really want to start riding, but it seems like learning to ride will be a tall enough mountain to climb without having to learn all about shifting gears too. Do any motorcycles offer automatic transmissions, and are they real motorcycles? I don’t want a scooter. My boyfriend tells me real motorcycles have manual transmissions, and that I’m taking the coward’s way out. My cars have always been automatics, and nobody ever looked down their nose at me about them. What do you think?

Shiftless in Seattle

I pondered that for a moment. My knee-jerk reaction was the only proper one in this age of enlightenment and inclusion: shunning? Why, of course not. We are brothers and sisters on two wheels, are we not? There are many mansions in my Lord’s tech shed, but a nagging feeling persisted, a guilt, ghosts from the past, a more barbarous past when we burnt leaded fuel and bean oil. When we were savages, moto-savages, and we laughed and shunned a lot.

To wit: Scooters (see; Rockers vs. Mods), quads, cars, of course, moto-bagos, ill-tuned Harleys with drag pipes, bikes pulling trailers, and once a pack of Japanese cruisers heading to Ocean City with a cadre of exclusively bald guys piloting them which prompted the following roadside epiphany: “Nobody fucks with the Baldies.” Oh, and anyone, anywhere, who ever oiled a racetrack line.

We laughed, we pointed, and we shunned them all to varying degrees. …read more

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