Take Care of What Takes Care of You

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By Brent Jaswinski

My dad always says, “Take care of what takes care of you.” I think this applies to just about everything in life if you want to get ahead. Whether it be your work, home, tools or relationships – showing a little love goes a long way.

It doesn’t matter what type of motorcycling you happen to be into, just like it doesn’t matter if you’re into blondes, brunettes or redheads. The two aren’t all that different. Basically, there are two main ways in which a rider becomes a better motorcyclist. First off, is accumulating seat time by riding the damn thing (…obviously). But the second, perhaps not as exciting but just as important, is getting as hands on with it as possible. The better you get to know their curves and their rough spots, how they’re put together and how they work, the better you’ll get along – and I’m not just talking about our significant others here. The same can be said about our motorcycles.


All it takes is a little time and patience, and some basic tools. You too can replace a head gasket. Photo: Dreamnikon

From the simplest chores of checking your tire pressure and changing your oil, to the most seemingly complicated tasks of replacing a blown gasket or rebuilding your motor, knowing a little bit about how your motorcycle is put together will help you get to know how it works, inside and out. And as a result, it will end up performing better for you if you take the time to do it right. After all, motorcycles are …read more

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