AMA Objects to the Absence of Motorcycles in the ‘Road to Zero’ Report

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The ‘Road to Zero’ is a report that’s been generated by the National Safety Council that aims to achieve zero roadway deaths by 2050. However, after the AMA’s extensive work and collaboration on the project, the report makes no mention of motorcycle safety strategies. The AMA is demanding that the report be ammended to to include motorcycle safety measures. The report even goes on to talk about how insurance companies will try to price some drivers and vehicles off the road, including banning certain classes of motorcycles. Alarming, to say the least… Read more about it below.


Demands report be amended to include motorcyclist safety issues

PICKERINGTON, OH – May 16, 2018 – American Motorcyclist Association strongly objects to the lack of motorcycling safety strategies in a recently released national report developed by the Road to Zero Coalition, managed by the National Safety Council.

“The AMA is a member of the Road to Zero Coalition and has been an active participant in nearly every coalition meeting since the program began in 2016, because the safety of motorcyclists is so important to the core mission of the AMA,” said AMA Vice President of Government Relations Wayne Allard. “We were disappointed to find that our expertise and insights into motorcycling and motorcyclist safety were not sought in the development of this report.”

The AMA has sent a letter to the Road to Zero Coalition and to the National Safety Council regarding its concerns and is requesting that the report be amended to address motorcycle safety in a comprehensive manner.

The report, titled A Road to Zero: A Vision for Achieving Zero Roadway Deaths by 2050, was released in late April and lays out a roadmap to achieve the Road to Zero’s important and worthy goal of zero road deaths by 2050.

The AMA participated in Road to …read more

Source:: AMA Objects to the Absence of Motorcycles in the ‘Road to Zero’ Report


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