Motonation Rapita Textile Mesh Gloves Meet The Desert: Hands On Review

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By Kathy Koewler

My Criteria And Gloves Of Choice

For me, touch is important. I like to have the ability to touch lightly with just a finger or two if I am moving my helmet screen or adjusting my glasses. And in a lot of cases, a bulky glove does not allow for those fine motor motions. And even a thinner material can limit touch if the fingers are cut large and do not fit snugly to my fingers.

Because of my pickiness, I have amassed quite a collection of gloves over the years. I have a fully lined leather glove for winter. Yes, Phoenix does have a winter, it’s just not as harsh as most of the rest of the country. And on occasion, I do ride north toward Payson or Flagstaff to get out in the fresh air to see the mountains and enjoy minimal traffic. The leather is important to block the cold air out on those excursions.

I also have a set of leather gauntlets that were brought to accommodate a jacket with narrow sleeves. There was no space for gloves on the inside so I switched over to gloves that when over the jacket. I also particularly like the gauntlets for the massive solid armor protection on the fingers and knuckles as there are rocks flying everywhere in the desert. The fingers are perforated so I can wear them in warmer weather or in cooler weather with a liner.

For summer I would alternate between a short length mesh glove with full fingers and a short length combo mesh and leather glove with cut off fingers. The palms are a very thick leather but the entire back of the hand from the knuckles to the velcro strap are mesh. These tend to be my favorite due to the ability to have my …read more

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