2019 Honda CRF450L VS. X VS. R Spec Sheet Shootout

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By Brent Jaswinski

If you haven’t already heard by now, Honda set the motorcycle industry on fire Wednesday with the announcement of its 2019 CRF off-road, motocross and dual-sport – yes, you read that right – dual-sport model lineup. While upgrades and improvements to current models are always exciting and welcomed news, the announcement of the all-new CRF450L is something that really took us by surprise, and ought to make some big waves in the motorcycle world.

2019 Honda CRF Off-Road, Motocross and Dual-Sport Model Line First Look

Honda has always been known as one of, if not the most conservative manufacturers, so for Big Red to step out and break the mold like this is pretty awesome. I’m going to go out on a limb and say, I think Honda has played a role in just about every rider’s story and their introduction to motorcycling in one way or another. Growing up on XRs and then CRFs, It certainly did for me.

Having the ability to legally ride on- and off-road, as any dual-sport rider can attest to, is a big deal, and it truly opens up a world of opportunities. You can now go basically wherever you want. No one likes getting stopped by the police, told they can’t be somewhere, or worse, getting their bike impounded for not being street-legal – ask me how I know. The beauty of the CRF450L, though, is that unlike other dual-sports on the market (save for the KTM EXC-F and Husqvarna FE models) like the Suzuki DR-Z400, DR650, Kawasaki KLR650 or Honda XR650L, the 450L has more actual dirtbike DNA than the others. This essentially translates to higher performance capabilities.

Check out the spec sheet comparing the 2019 Honda CRF450R, X and L below. You’ll notice that, for the most part, all the fundamentals …read more

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