Whats the Range of an Electric Motorcycle?

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Trying to figure out the range of an electric motorcycle is like competing in an eating contest: You think you know the limits, but you’re never quite sure until you’ve gone too far. Nonetheless, we at Motorcycle.com are fortunate enough to have ridden many of the electric motorcycle offerings out there, and at the very least, this gives us a starting point when discussing the range you can expect from an electric.

To go over the range of each electric motorcycle available today would be a daunting task. Instead, let this serve as a broad overview of what you can expect. The short answer to the range question, of course, is that it’s complicated. Manufacturers will claim one thing, but in reality, the mileage you actually get is vastly different. Companies like Zero Motorcycles try to be relatively helpful by listing mileage figures for certain riding conditions like City, Highway, and combined, but just as it is with internal combustion engines, your mileage may (and most likely will) vary.

If you’re going to ride your electric motorcycle like this, then don’t expect to get very far on a charge.

We can, however, draw some parallels with internal combustion engines. Ride with the throttle pinned everywhere, and that’s a sure-fire way to deplete your available electrons as quickly as possible. Conversely, if you ride like grandma, it’s possible you might even surpass the manufacturer-suggested mileage. Find a happy medium, and you’ll average out to what the manufacturer claims.

However, the types of roads you ride on will affect your range, too. Sustained, high-speed riding, like on your average freeway, eat battery power quickly while low-speed traffic is ideal for maximizing an EV’s range. As a bonus, if you find yourself in plenty of stop-and-go, it’s also possible to add back a tiny bit of …read more

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