Revival Cycles Takes A Break From Old Bikes And Builds A BMW S1000RR

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Revival Cycles is known for its wild and awe inspiring customs, which have all centered around old(er) motorcycles. Here’s what happens when the team gets their hand on something thoroughly modern: a BMW S1000RR. Scroll to the bottom for video and a huge picture gallery.

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Back in March 2015 BMW invited Stefan and I were invited to ride the newly relaunched and revamped S1000rr at the famous world class circuit in Revival’s backyard called “The Circuit of The Americas”. Needless to say we jumped at the chance to ride a trick modern 200hp tech-loaded bike on one of the best tracks in the world!

Prior to that day my modern sportbike experience generally consisted of blasts on a friend’s mid 90’s modded Suzuki GSXR 750 r up and down the highways scaring the crap out of myself at 160mph in short bursts. I quickly decided back then, in what must have been 1999, that sportbikes simply were not for me! My total lack of self-control and total addiction to finding the absolute edge of any machine I piloted meant that riding around on something that fast and powerful simply was not something I could live through. Instead, my appreciation for vintage machines and their easily mastered ‘slower pace’ kept me on older motorcycles and kept me generally safer by appreciating the finer points of incremental technology changes in the very analog world of pre-1980’s motorcycles. I even developed a taste for pre-war bikes and beyond and the rest is Revival Cycles history.

Fast forward to 2015 and BMW puts my leather clad butt on a 200hp rocket ship around COTA and everything changed! I saw the light. The light of technology, power, grace and absolute superiority had me converted! 2015 was the year BMW re-launched the S1000rr with 200hp, …read more

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