Out and About at The Isle of Man TT 2018 Pt 2

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By Andrew Capone

As the 2018 Isle of Man TT wound down, the pace of activity sped up. The races, the touring, the search for the perfect cake, the pubs… more speed, Vicar! ‘You better get the final column written, buddy’ whispered the Manx fairy on my left shoulder, while the more persuasive one on the right urged me on to another romp around the island on my rented Suzuki V-Strom 650XT, and to enjoy just-one-more Shuttleworth Snap IPA at the Bushy’s Beer TT Village. You can guess which one I flicked off.

Out and About at The Isle of Man TT 2018 – Pt 1

Conor Cummins prays at St. Ninians on the way down Bray Hill at 185 mph in The PokerStars Senior TT. Photo by Stephen Davison/Pacemaker Press Intl.

So, I’m back in the States, with the TT fortnight behind me. In that so many questions come my way regarding the TT each year, the last installment of ‘Out and About at the 2018 Isle of Man TT’ is presented in a Q&A format. Here we go:

How were the last few days of racing and events, you know, the ones that you were supposed to write about and photograph and send the column back as scheduled but didn’t, because, you know, ale? Sincerely, Ed.

Oh, they were awesome, thanks for asking, Ed! Michael Dunlop won the Bennetts’ Lightweight TT on Wednesday on a righteous sounding Paton, busting both the lap and race records on his way to his 18th TT win. Michael Rutter, on the Mugen machine, blew past the 120-mph lap barrier, winning the SES TT Zero. The electric machines are now reaching over 175 mph on the Sulby Straight.

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