What to Pack For a Motorcycle Tour

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By Ryan Adams

Ask any well-traveled motorcyclist who has spent time touring on his steed what to pack and you’ll likely here something along the lines of: take everything you’re planning to bring and cut that in half, and maybe halve it a second time.

I learned this on my own after a few long trips. During my first long ride, which was something like 3,400 miles up and down the western U.S., I knew fairly quickly that I had packed much more than I would need and would then pack and repack all of these things each morning for a couple of weeks.

What to pack for a motorcycle tour really depends where you are going, what type of riding you’re doing, and how much space you have. I tend to pack more luxury items on long road-focused trips than I do in my backpack for multi-day dual-sport rides. Here, we’ll cover on-road touring. Let’s start with the stuff, aside from your bike, that you’ll be depending on most: your gear.

Your Gear

As I’ve gotten more practical (older), I realize just how convenient modular helmets can be. Ditch your ego, and give one a try, it will probably be hard to go back to a standard helmet afterward. Most importantly though, you want a helmet that is going to provide a weather-tight enclosure should the elements rear their moist heads.

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