Pando Moto Karl Devil Motorcycle Riding Jeans Review

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By Brandon Jackson

Hot on the heels of my Trilobite 1860 Ton-Up jeans review is a look at the Karl Devil jeans from Pando Moto. The mission and approach of the Karl Devil Jeans couldn’t be more different from the Ton-Up Jeans.

Where the Ton-Up jeans are all about offering good protection in “stealth mode”, the Karl Devil jeans give the wearer the appearance of having just stepped out of the paddock. They make no attempt at hiding their mission and purpose. For some riders, the uncompromising appearance is exactly the look for which they have been searching. To others, they might just look dorky.

No matter which side of the fence one lands on, there is little disputing the fact that the Karl Devil’s priority is to provide protection with a “form follows function” design. Before we get into the details, let’s take a quick look at Pando Moto itself.

Pando Moto

Lithuania based Pando Moto is a relatively young player in the motorcycle apparel game having started up in 2011 and launching the Pando Moto line in 2012. Over the past 6 years, they have managed to extend the availability of their riding gear from Europe to East Asia, Australia, and the Americas.

Their lineup currently includes five different riding jeans for men and three styles for women. The different styles also implement different materials with options that include a Dyneema® hybrid denim like we just saw in the Trilobite Ton-Up jeans as well as a Cordura® denim and a Kevlar® lined option that is used here in the Karl Devil jeans.

Now let’s dig in and see what the Karl Devil riding jeans are made of.


One can have the Karl Devil in jeans in any color desired, as long as that desired color is black. In this case, the black color is closer to a …read more

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