MO Tested: Sena 30K Communicator

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By Evans Brasfield

I love helmet communicators. Using them has changed the way I ride. In fact, when testing new helmets, one of the first things I do (once I become familiar with the noise levels in the helmet) is install a communicator. I ride so many places where I use turn-by-turn directions that I can’t imagine going back to the bad old days of taping directions on the gas tank. Until Sena released the 30K, the company’s 20S/20S EVO units were my go-to communicators. So, you can imagine my excitement when it came time to test the 30K which takes all the features of the 20S and adds the new, easy-to-use mesh communication technology to the mix.

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Sena began with the 30K by, quite literally, not reinventing the wheel. First, the form factor of the 30K – with its large scroll wheel – will be instantly familiar to 20S users. The 30K also utilizes the same mounting hardware so that riders who upgrade to the 30K can simply slip the new module into place and riders with multiple helmets can switch the unit between helmets with the push of a button (if they purchase extra mounts).

The form factor is a slightly more angular version of the 20S EVO with the only difference being the antenna and additional button (under the antenna) for the mesh communication.

But I’m burying the lede here. The big news about the 30K is the inclusion of mesh technology. This new connection method makes it easy to link up communicators with two or more riders. Previously, the riders had to pair their Bluetooth connections and then join a group …read more

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