An Owner’s Perspective: Aprilia Tuono Upgrades – Pt 3

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By Thai Long Ly

[Frequent MO readers will know that our friend, Thai Long Ly, is not a man of few words. Consequently, we should’ve known what we were getting into when he offered to write up his experience with Tuono modifications. Still, we never expected an 8,400-word opus. So, we decided to break the story into easier to digest pieces. Here is Part 3 for your reading enjoyment. If you missed it, catch up on the part one and part two. –Ed.]

MRA X-Creen Sport ($107)

Performance ⭐⭐⭐/ Aesthetics ⭐

MRA X-Creen. Not completely ugly, but I still prefer “Candy”.

The stock screen actually does a fine job of slicing through the wind with no discernible buffeting, despite its tiny footprint. Only when pushing well beyond the legal speed limits (well, like double) do I find the wind blast a bit oppressive. I needed a simple solution to this tiny problem. So I clipped this diminutive deflector from MRA to the existing screen via the supplied mounts (can be permanently drilled or temporarily installed) and off I went. And lo and behold… it actually works! I’ll never mistake my Tuono for an FJR, mind you, but this innocuous piece of plastic does an admirable job of calming the wind as I Biaggi my balls down the road. I’d say another 22.19% improvement or so. Perhaps 24.22% if you slathered it in butter (champion’s tip #1 – apply organic low sodium vegan butter to your leathers and helmet on race day to cheat the wind). The notched swivel mounts render it fully adjustable so you can dial in the sweet spot and the locking mechanism wards off unwanted speed flop. It’s not the prettiest thing I’ve ever put on my bike (she said her …read more

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