Motorcycle Camping Gear Buyer’s Guide

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By Brent Jaswinski

Motorcycles and camping go hand in hand, and it’s one of our favorite pastimes. There’s nothing like hitting the open road with everything you need to be self-sufficient strapped to your bike – it’s quite liberating in fact. It kind of makes you feel like a modern-day cowboy. Whether you’re camping overnight, for a few days, or an entire month, there are a few necessities you need to bring with you, and truthfully, not much else. When it comes to living off your bike, less is more.

It’s easy to overpack and bring more than what you need, and most of the stuff you thought you needed usually never even gets touched. Every rider is different, though. If you’re diabetic and need your insulin, why not try a few days without it? Just kidding, bring that, but you can leave your entire wardrobe at home and in the closet. One change of clothes is usually enough. Motorcycle camping is an ongoing learning process, even for the most experienced, but we’re here to share what necessities you’ll need to make your life on the road that much easier.


A tent is definitely the first thing that comes to mind whenever camping is mentioned. Since you’re on your bike, you’ll want something small. There’s no need for a family-sized tent that takes a village to put together. We prefer to use one-man tents. Not only are they small (usually the size of a bread loaf when packed up), but they’re super easy and quick to erect – and tear down and pack up for that matter, too.

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Mattress Pad

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