EZ ADV Upgrades: Helping the Katoom breath freer and cleaner

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By Ryan Adams

For this four-part series, we take a look at five easy bolt-on parts that will transform your ADV bike from a Starbucks-destined road queen, to a Dakar-ready desert blasting rally winner. Or something like that. This series is designed to show how much of a difference a few well-thought-out adventure bike upgrades can make to the off-road prowess of your big ADV bike.

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Rottweiler Performance is a well-known name in the adventure bike segment. Hell, that’s probably an understatement. Top adventure riders such as Chris Birch and Quinn Cody run Rottweiler Intake Systems on their bikes, and the brand’s name can be found in nearly every corner of the adventure bike universe, that is, as long as you’re looking at KTMs. Currently, Rottweiler Performance only builds kits and sells parts for KTM and some Husqvarna models, due to the crossover between the brands, which has allowed Rottweiler to become highly specialized in its craft of creating expertly tuned intake kits among other items that drastically change the way the KTMs function.

The Rottweiler Performance Stage 4 Intake Kit is part three of our four part series of performance upgrades that can vastly change the capability of your adventure bike. We opted to include the Rottweiler system due to the relatively easy install and to show that dropping weight and gaining engine performance from your adventure bike isn’t as daunting as some might think. Sure it’s a little more involved than having a dealer throw on new tires for you, but with my limited mechanical skill, I had no issues.

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Chris Parker fitting the Rottweiler air intake into his pristine Husqvarna 701 …read more

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