Top Five Motorcycles Under $5000

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By Troy Siahaan

Recently, while riding the new 2019 Honda CB300R, I stopped and thought to myself how great a time it is to be a new motorcyclist. The field of entry-level motorcycles is stacked, with options to satisfy nearly every desire, whether you fancy a sportbike, a cruiser, or anything in between. Better still, nearly every manufacturer is building entry-level motorcycles at price points those on ramen diets can actually pay off – maybe even before they graduate. This got me thinking: Just how much motorcycle can a person get for under $5000? We’ve done similar lists before, but never with a cap so low. Plus, since affordable models are popping up frequently now, we thought it best to revisit the subject.

So, borrowing the Forbes Magazine idea of the Top 30 Under 30, wherein they highlight the top 30 leaders, entrepreneurs, and stars under 30 years of age, we bring you‘s Top Five under $5000.

5. Benelli TnT135 $2649

If a fun city runabout is calling your name and you have no need to hop on the freeway, you’d be hard pressed to do better than the Benelli TnT135 (assuming there’s a dealer near you). Cut from the same mold as the Honda Grom ($3399), Kawasaki Z125 ($3399), etc., the 135 is not only less expensive than the Honda and Kawi, but we’d argue it’s a better motorcycle, too. Its 135cc engine is not only bigger than the Grom and baby Z by 10cc, it also features twin spark plugs and four valves. Better still, it also has a five-speed gearbox compared to the four-speeds on the others. Add in the handsome design clearly “inspired” (some might say stolen) from the MV Agusta Brutale, and you’ve got …read more

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