Church of MO: 1998 Suzuki Intruder VL1500LC

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By John Burns

And in those days, it was all about the heavy cruisers, and the heavier the better – which the manufacturers assured us would inherit the earth. In truth, most of them were either driven from the temple, or transmogrified into something like Suzuki’s current M109R BOSS, which is more sportbike than chromeboy cruiser, and packs an even bigger, 1783cc V-twin.

First Impression: 1998 Intruder VL1500LC

Last of the Big Boys

By MO Staff Mar. 19, 1998
Photos by Billy Bartels and Tom Riles
    American Suzuki recently invited us to a showdown in Tombstone, Arizona to introduce their brand new giganto-cruiser, the Intruder VL1500LC. A dozen desperate hombres were rounded up in Old Tucson, packin’ as much heat as they could muster.

    We were shown the beast that was to be our mount, and we shuddered to think what kind of day it was to be.

    Before the Suzuki fellas let us mount up they wanted to tell us about the new beasts, just so we knew what we were getting ourselves into. We learned that the new VL1500LC is loosely based on the VL1400 Intruder.

    Providing monstrous and ever-present torque is a 96x101mm v-twin powerplant with single over-head cams and hydraulic lash adjusters for less engine maintenance. An extra flywheel has been added for more low-end grunt, and the cylinders have been plated (as on their sportbikes) for better durability.

    In a major re-work, the fuel tank has been placed beneath the seat. Taking its place between suspiciously fuel tank-looking covers is a massive airbox feeding two linked Mikuni 36mm carbs. As a result, the battery, which formerly resided underneath the seat, now sits in front of the motor.

    <img title="All of the handlebar wires and cables funnel into a scoop atop the headlight cell." src="" alt="All of the handlebar wires and cables …read more

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