Dainese D1 Druid Long Gloves Hands-On Review

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By Brandon Jackson


Riding gloves are for more than just protection. Gloves are the interface point between one’s hands and the majority of controls on a motorcycle. The front brake, the throttle, the clutch, and of course steering input are all transmitted from the hands to these various controls with gloves sitting in between them.

Good quality riding gloves have to provide protection from impacts and abrasion while still offering good feel and flexibility, something that isn’t always easy. That’s why when I was presented with the opportunity to review a pair of Dainese riding gloves I lept at the chance.

I’ve owned and reviewed some Dainese gear over the past few years and I’ve always been impressed with the quality of their products. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise as Dainese is considered by many to be one of the leading manufacturers of quality motorcycle gear.

Despite this fact, many people don’t realize where Dainese came from and what else they make in addition to motorcycle specific gear. Let’s take a minute to look at this.

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Who is Dainese

Dainese started out life in 1972 when 24-year-old motorcycle enthusiast Lino Dainese took on the task of improving safety and ergonomics in sports where safety gear was required.

Lino’s vision became reality in 1974 where he unveiled his products at the company’s Milan showroom. Here the world got …read more

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