Forcefield Armour Sport Tube and Tech 2 Base Layer Hands-On Review

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By Jim Pruner

I Feel Superhuman

Today is quite literally the hottest day of the year in 2018.

Beads of sweat are running freely down my back despite the fact I’m indoors and only wearing shorts and a light t-shirt. I know for you readers living in Arizona this may sound a bit pathetic, but for us Canadian snow-people it’s like the seventh circle of hell has just opened up and released its fiery denizens upon the land.

The mercury is registering 101 degrees and I’m contemplating pulling on a set of what I would describe as “long johns”, aka, thermal underwear, flannels or woolens depending where you come from.

I’ve never worn spandex anything in my life and hadn’t planned on joining that fraternity, to be honest, but things are about to change.

Forcefield Tech 2 Base Layer Clothing

I’ve opened a box I just received from Motonation containing the latest and greatest Forcefield Armour Tech 2 base layer shirt and Tech 2 base layer pants to review along with Level 1 Armour Sport Tubes.

Why not? This base layer claims to have Sci-Fi levels of intelligent and reactive materials used in it that are woven in a specific pattern allowing it to either cool or warm your body depending on its needs.

Beam Me Up, Scotty

There are several patented and trademarked names associated with the base layer construction.

  • Thermoregulation properties of BeCool™
  • Lightness, fast drying and thermal properties of Dryarn®
  • DRI-M technology (Dynamic, Reactive, Intelligent Material)

There are unusual seams, depressions, varied textures running all over the shirt and pants in a seemingly random pattern from what I can tell, but I recognize this is all purpose-built design.

The BeCool and Dryarn systems collaborate to create a better wicking material on the clothing according to the Forcefield site. I’ll definitely test that out today in short order to see whether this …read more

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