Super Seer Cool Cap Head-On Review

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By Kathy Koewler

Cooling Jade – Hype of Science?

To be completely honest, I am always pretty skeptical of a “new” discovery or process that claims to be better at, in this case, cooling. It can be very easy to manipulate tests and results of testing in a very controlled environment to produce the results needed to make a strong statement such as, “decreases the skin surface temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit”.

In too many cases, the manufacturer is testing the product under controls which will rarely, if ever, apply to use in the real world. With this in mind, I was determined to research the concept of COOLJADE and see if there was any real science behind it.

And I am glad to report that there is definitely some science to back up the name and the statement made by the Super Seer Corporation of Evergreen, Colorado.

How It Works

Sweating is your body’s natural means of cooling. The sweat that is on your skin is basically water in its liquid form. This liquid is cooler than your body temperature so it begins to draw heat from your body. As the temperature of the liquid increases, it then becomes vapor which releases the heat and helps to cool your body.

The trick is to capture as much liquid as possible against your body so that it can efficiently cool your skin. If the sweat is wiped from your skin or drips off, you lose its cooling benefit. And this is where the COOLJADE technology comes into play.

Any fabric that is designed to be used in a hot environment needs to be thin and breathable to provide maximum comfort to consumers. But that same thin material also needs to be extremely absorbent.

The desired goal is to capture as much sweat from the body as possible for evaporation …read more

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