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By Cameron Martel

They say that the first impression is the most important, so it’s best to make it count. On that basis, first impressions of the Velomacchi Speedway gloves – Velomacchi’s first foray into mass-produced digit defenders – are very positive. The 60s style jumps out at you and captures your attention almost immediately. These gloves will send you back a few decades and have you looking all the better for it.

But the Speedways are not without faults, and it’s those faults that keep these gloves from being truly exceptional. Problems with QC mean the gloves look excellent but lack polish; when examined up-close, both gloves have several areas where this lack of polish is visible. While minor, those of us that value fit and finish may struggle with a $150 pair of gloves with uneven trim and fraying threads.

These imperfections resulted in a lower score for the purposes of this review. On my hands and on the road, the Speedways are among the most comfortable gloves I’ve worn (even if they fit a bit bigger than the typical large).

Disclosure: Velomacchi provided these gloves at no-charge for the purposes of this review.

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  • Made with deerskin and goatskin leather
  • Conductive finger and thumb tips
  • High-impact for finger protection and goggle wipe
  • Brass rivets on the hypothenar impact zone
  • Adjustable velcro wrist strap


The Speedway’s are unconventional, even if you ignore the 60s theme. These gauntlet-style gloves feature external TPR rubber finger guards that are a marked visual differentiator compared to most gloves, …read more

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