Alpinestars J-6 Waterproof Riding Shoes Review Copy

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By Nevin Power


Sometimes wearing motorbike boots feels a little rebellious. I remember, as a student, working at a university graduation ceremony and noticing that a lecturer I knew fairly well had a pair of boots on beneath his academic gown, jeans tucked in at the shin. It didn’t bother him in the slightest (the fact his battered Triumph baseball cap was still on his head gave that away).

For many of us, this devil-may-care attitude won’t fly, either in our minds or in the minds of our bosses but there is a solution out there – urban motorbike shoes. These are designed to look like regular shoes or trainers but have enough protection built in to protect you around town. In many ways, they’re like Kevlar jeans, but for your feet, containing a similar set of compromises.

The Alpinestars J-6 shoes I have worn for over a year now are of a suede leather construction and come in brown with a cream sole or a fully black version which, when worn with bike gear, look more like traditional boots. They have been completely waterproof, despite the lack of a coveted Goretex or Drystar label, and carry the CE level 2 protection mark. Read on to find out more.

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To anyone not familiar with motorbike gear these boots look just like any normal pair of short boots out there, the fashion equivalent of a high-top trainer or a particularly strong looking pair of Converse! Look closer though and …read more

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