Worn & Tested: Vaktare M.G. Pilot Racer Jacket

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By Cameron Martel

Several months ago Estefan Duarte from Vaktare Moto Gear got in touch with us about reviewing one of their riding jackets. A bit of back and forth landed us on the Pilot Racer jacket. Estefan then went dark for a bit before notifying us of shipment. His reason for disappearing? The jacket needed to be made first.

Vaktare Moto Gear is a boutique brand based out of Los Angeles that focuses on American-made riding apparel that is also fashion-forward. Almost every component and material used in the Pilot Racer is American-made or American-sourced. Apparel is made in small quantities and with exacting detail. These qualities help Vaktare stand out in a crowded marketplace, but they also mean that Vaktare’s products come at a premium compared to some other brands.

Personally, I’m fine with paying a premium so long as that premium is worth it. I’d rather purchase one more expensive thing than 2 or 3 less expensive things that need premature replacing.

The Pilot Racer arrived approximately two months ago and I’ve taken every opportunity to wear it, both on the bike and in general.

My experience has been very positive: the Pilot Racer is a near-perfect example of how fashion and function can blend together. It’s not perfect, but it’s close… real close.

About Vaktare Moto Gear

Since I was unfamiliar with Vaktare prior to receiving this jacket for review, I wanted to spend some time getting to know them as a brand. Who a brand is and what they’re about is important- these qualities provide a brand with its personality and purpose. I quickly learned that Vaktare is very much a boutique business, with my contact, Estefan, at the helm.

Estefan began designing motorcycle jackets at age 19 after realizing that there wasn’t anything available on the market that satisfied his need to be …read more

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