Gear Guide: Best Leather Race Suits

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By Kathy Koewler

Not every rider is looking for the maximum protection available from head to toe, but if you are that street rider who likes to push the limits on occasion and sail into a curve or corner just a bit faster than ever before, then a leather race suit could be one of the best pieces of riding gear that you ever purchase. Likewise, if you have a true need for speed that can only be satiated on a track, then a full leather race suit is a must not only for body protection but also for meeting the equipment requirements of most tracks.

Leather has been the material of choice for motorcycle riders since the early 1920’s when Irving Schott began creating purpose-built leather biker jackets in his lower East Side Manhattan factory. The material had survived nearly two decades of use as the jacket of choice of the early aviators and the durability appeared to transfer well to meet the needs of motorcycle riders as well.

Not only is a leather race suit going to provide the best abrasion protection but it is also going to allow you to have maximum impact protection and armor. Sliding across pavement can leave some devastating road rash but hitting an object or high siding off of the bike and suffering a hard impact against a vehicle or the ground can also cause life-changing injuries.

But a leather race suit offers the riders the ability to add impact protection and even extra abrasion protection on every part of the body other than your head, hands, and feet which should be protected with other gear. Check out the other “best of” articles on Web Bike World for awesome boots, gloves, and helmets to complete your safety gear package.

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