GT Motocycles GTM-01 and GTM-02

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By John Burns

Has your relationship with your Griso grown strained? Is it time to rekindle your romance? Love grows stale, it happens. And when it does, sometimes relighting the flame is as simple as an extensive makeover and/or a long stint in rehab. Our old pal Todd Eagan has been a Moto Guzzi guru/geek since Lago di Como was a slow leak, and he is standing by waiting for your call, ready to transform your flabby old CARC-equipped (Cardano Reattivo Compatto single-sided swingarm-o) Moto Guzzi into the lithe, 396-pound supermodel sportbike of your dreams. Read all about it below.

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Malibu, California-Based Builder Todd Eagan Creates Performance Moto Guzzis Designed for Passionate Riders

Messing with a legend is taking the bull by the horns. But that’s exactly the challenge accepted by Todd Eagan of GT MotoCycles in building the seriously stripped-down and brutally efficient GTM-01 for attacking apexes and delivering the sort of visceral thrill that unites riders, and respects both the iconic past and a unique place of Moto Guzzi motorcycles in history.

The GTM-01 is the product of Eagan’s million plus miles, countless corners and a long checklist on how to construct the ideal motorcycle. Stripping away all but the most essential running gear, wrapping those in a custom Tonti-inspired frame and upgrading the electronics and running gear to modern specifications, the one-of-one GTM-01 strikes a purposeful and refined silhouette. Eagan’s background as a pro-racer, committed Guzzifile and aftermarket parts manufacturer informed this stunning thesis that would surely bring a smile to Carlo Guzzi himself.

The in-house built 1380cc big bore high-output Moto Guzzi transverse V-Twin combines state-of-the-art performance into a brutally refined motorcycle. The powerplant and drivetrain at the build’s core is the proven and …read more

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