Top 10 Used Motorcycles Under $5000

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By John Burns

Right, it’s that time of year again when all the new bikes are out, and we ask ourselves, which one must I have? Followed by a look at the price tag, and an immediate switching of the Train of Thought onto the Used Bike siding, particularly all the ones that have slipped below the $5,000 threshold ($5k is usually my cut-off point when it comes to buying automobiles – I have my eye on a 2004 Jaguar XJR right now – but in the spirit of the Trump Economic Miracle, let’s pretend like I’d spend that much on a motorcycle).

Speaking of cheap Jaguars, the key here is service records and maintenance. Bottom-feeding only works if you research a given vehicle’s weaknesses (our lovely VerticalScope forums are a gold mine), and shop around till you find one where the expensive stuff has already been fixed and the seller can prove it (though I think all the bikes on this list are mostly bulletproof).

10. Kawasaki Concours 14

Horsepower is generally expensive, but in the case of this Kawasaki, not so much. Basically, this is a ZX-14R – Kawi’s answer to the Hayabusa – turned into a sport-tourer, complete with shaft drive, saddlebags, a large comfy cockpit and a bazillion smooth horsepower, thanks to dual counterbalancers (and variable valve timing!) in that 1352cc Four-banger. I believe they began stamping these out in 2008, with the usual upgrades taking place every year or two after as usual… here’s a 2009 in Peoria with 18,000 miles asking $4,995 that will probably outlast you and your heirs with very little care. All these things lack is cruise control, easily remedied with a Throttlemeister or similar on a bike with this much power. (If you must have new, Kawasaki will be happy …read more

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