Church of MO: 2008 Buell 1125R

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By John Burns

Has it really only been 10 years since Erik Buell’s first modern 8-valve engine appeared? Verily, what with all the openings and closings, and everything we’ve been through – it seems like far longer. Alas, no. The Apostle Pete was there, rockin’ the MO leathers. Before the cock crowed, someone would betray us…

First Ride: 2008 Buell 1125R

25 Years In The Making: The Buell (Most) Everyone Wants

By Pete Brissette Aug. 29, 2007
Photos by Nelson & Riles, Kevin Wing

      The recent unveiling of Buell’s all-new liquid-cooled V-Twin superbike sneaked up on most everyone, but the cry for such a machine from Buell has been in the wind for years.“If only it had a modern, liquid-cooled engine,” was often the plea of so many who would characterize their thoughts on Buells as, “I wanna like you, buuut…”

      Has a partnership with BRP-Rotax given Buell lovers and those vacillating on a purchase what they’ve clamored for?

      As fate would have it, in the matter of one phone call I went from pondering the above question like everyone else to seizing the opportunity to attend the 1125R intro. The much-chronicled roads surrounding Monterey, CA, would serve as real-world proving grounds, and Laguna Seca, home of the U.S. MotoGP would be the race track du jour.

      The 2008 Buell 1125R: America’s first large-scale production superbike?
      Analog tachometer is easy to see at a glance, but the remaining LCD part of instrument cluster can be difficult to read in daylight due to thin LCD character display.Analog tachometer is easy to see at a glance, but the remaining LCD part of instrument …read more

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