Best Books for Motorcyclists 2018!

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By John Burns

Is print dead? I consume current events almost exclusively online lately, reaching for my beloved old leatherbound tomes usually only in the last half-hour before toddling off to Dreamland with a warm glass of milk. Some magazines are hanging in there, but many are slowly sliding off to oblivion. There’s just no way for a thing printed on dead trees to match the speed of the internet. But maybe that’s a good thing for really good books worth reading? Just in time for the holidays, we’ve rounded up the Best Books for Motorcyclists. (Having said all that, most of these are also available electronically.)

MotoGP Technology, 3rd Edition 2017

Neil Spalding

Now in its third edition, Neil Spalding’s inside look at how MotoGP bikes work is about as, ahh, inside as you can get – over 300 pages and 650 color photos and illustrations, most from Neil’s own inner-pit archives. For Neil, it’s all about the machines and how they work. Written by a former racer himself (Ducati Supermono among other things), a very plugged-in journalist and a man who pays the bills building slipper clutches, this book is really a labor of love, and the next stage in a lifelong quest to understand how two-wheeled things tick. This time we delve into the science of chassis flex, aerodynamic wings, seamless-shift gearboxes, etc. Big, heavy and glossy, it belongs on your coffee table year-round.

You’ll have to pay, though, because there’s no US source for the book as of now and it’s only available from Neil’s own publishing company – but worth every shilling.


Phoebus Apollo Publishing Ltd

The Harley-Davidson Story: Tales from the Archives

Aaron Frank

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