Trizzle’s Take: Why Would You Do Such A Thing?

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By Troy Siahaan

If there’s one thing the motorcycling community is full of it’s opinions. Ask 10 people what they think is the best tire and you’ll get 10 different answers. Same goes for oil, exhaust pipes, and heck, motorcycles themselves. Despite this, I think we can all agree: starting your own motorcycle company is not a great idea. Thankfully, Markus Kramer never got that memo. Well, he did, he just didn’t care – and, to me, the world is better off for it.

Last week, I told the story of how I got to be the fortunate soul to take the Kramer Motorcycles GP2 Prototype on its maiden voyage around the spectacular Barber Motorsports Park. It was a real treat on my riding resume, and it all came about because I wouldn’t stop pestering Kramer’s US importer, Joe Karvonen – the subject of my last Trizzle’s Take column – on social media. The icing on the cake was having Markus Kramer himself come to Barber to be a part of the maiden ride in person. After riding his motorcycles and meeting him in person, his was a story that had to be told.

Your name might be on the side of this motorcycle, but you’re not above holding an umbrella.

Humble beginnings

For someone who now has his own motorcycle company, it’s amazing to think two wheels weren’t a part of Kramer’s life growing up in Northern Germany. Instead of motorbikes and racing – one of the most expensive sports to get into – Kramer’s world was filled with soccer, where all you need is a ball, some sticks to make goals, and enough space to run around.

Everything changed during Markus’ teenage years. At age 15, Kramer was introduced to two wheels, in the form of the Hercules MX1 moped …read more

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