Best Motorcycle Gear For Daily Riders

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By Evans Brasfield

Let’s consider the daily rider for a moment. Those hardy souls who choose to ride their bikes year ‘round represent a small but important group of motorcyclists. Without them, many commuters wouldn’t know that motorcycles exist. These most frequent of all motorcycle flyers have needs that go beyond what your typical weekend warrior requires (though they, too, could benefit from the items listed below). Many of the recommendations are for combatting the elements, but others address common issues like flat tires and carrying things on a motorcycle. Read on, and you may find the special thing you are looking for.

Aerostich R-3 Suit

What can we say about Aerostich Roadcrafter suits that hasn’t been said already? So, we’ll stick with the usual superlatives. Designed back in the Pleistocene Era as the most functional suit for everyday motorcyclists and anyone who values moto-function over the fickle finger of fashion, the Roadcrafter suit is the great-grandfather of most, if not all, of today’s modern textile riding suits. While always constructed out of Aerostich’s exclusive American-made mil-spec 500d Cordura Gore-Tex fabric, the R-3 expands on the previous generations by including rain-proof zippers, for full waterproofing – even in the vulnerable crotch area. Impact protection comes from Aerostich’s own TF-impact armor with optional back protector mounting. The beauty of the R-3 for daily riders is that it allows the rider to wear street clothes underneath, allowing the transition from biker to civilian to occur in mere seconds. The US-made Aerostich R-3 Suit is available in American sizes 34-54, starting at $1,197 and is only available directly from Aerostich.

Aerostich Kanetsu Airvantage Electric Vest

Want to keep your core warm when the temperature really drops? Providing an external source of heat is the most efficient way. The Kanetsu Airvantage Electric Vest is constructed with a …read more

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