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With the winter solstice quickly approaching those of us in the northern hemisphere, it’s about to be that time when much of the population put their trusty steeds away for hibernation. But if you’re a lucky duck who lives somewhere warm enough to keep riding – or if you’re a hearty soul who refuses to pack it in for anything less than the winter apocalypse – some heated riding gear will make your travels a lot better. To be clear, we’re talking more than just passive gear like thick jackets, we’re talking active apparel requiring an electronic heat source. With proper heated motorcycle gear, it may be January on the outside, but it’ll feel like September on the inside. It’s important to note that nearly all of the items listed below require some sort of external hardware like a temperature regulator and/or wiring harness to the motorcycle, which are not included as part of the guide.

Heated Tops

Aerostich Kanetsu AIRVANTAGE Electric Vest

Evans made a strong case for the Kanetsu Airvantage Electric Vest by Aerostich in his guide to the Best Motorcycle Gear For Daily Riders piece, and frankly, the vest also warrants inclusion in this Heated Gear Buyer’s Guide, too. To be clear, almost any electric vest made for motorsports will do the trick, but we’re especially keen to this one because apart from the usual heating elements you’d expect to find on an electric vest, the Kanetsu goes one step further. Built into the Kanetsu is a patented inflatable bladder (the Airvantage!) which serves several purposes. First, it provides yet another layer of wind protection. Second, it also insulates you better. Third, the bladder gently presses the heating elements closer to your body, keeping you warmer, longer. The Kanetsu is also available with sleeves …read more

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