Indian Raven Trademark Filing May Hint at Follow-Up to the Indian FTR1200

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By Dennis Chung

Indian Motorcycle has filed a trademark application for name “Indian Raven” as a potential name for a new model. The application was filed today with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the intended use of the “Indian Raven” mark for a “motorcycle and structural parts therefor.” We expect a similar filing to come with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the next week.

The trademark application reveals very little details, beyond Indian’s intent to use the name. That leaves us to speculate on what the Indian Raven could be, based on what we know of Indian’s current model lineup and nomenclature. The trademark filing was for the words “Indian” and “Raven” together, so we can probably rule out a Scout variant, otherwise the filing would be something along the lines of “Indian Scout Raven.” Likewise, we assume the name is for a new Chieftain variant, otherwise it’d be something like “Indian Chieftain Raven.”

It’s possible the new model could be a bagger or a tourer like the Springfield or Roadmaster, but the Raven name hardly conjures up images of a heavyweight motorcycle. The use of a bird, especially a relatively small one like the raven, would suggest something much smaller and lightweight. That leaves us with the FTR1200.

We originally assumed this drawing represented the FTR1200 but the production model uses a slightly different trellis frame and shorter side pivot plates. Could this end up being the Indian Raven instead?

We know from Indian’s patent filings that the FTR1200 was just one configuration of what was conceived as a new modular design. The patent describes a compact arrangement for an airbox above the engine and an underseat fuel tank that can be used in different configurations.

A key aspect of the modular design is the placement …read more

Source:: Indian Raven Trademark Filing May Hint at Follow-Up to the Indian FTR1200


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