Whatever: Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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By John Burns

Time really does fly. Hopping onto the laptop for my morning coffee and daily fix of the American Dream, Facebook informs me that I joined it ten years ago. What? How is that possible? A lot of people my age refused to take the FB plunge, but that’s okay because I still see what they’re up to on Instagram, via random text and on the news (David Pecker). I tweet but rarely.

Personally I’m grateful for social media to keep my stoke up. In a previous publication, this monthly column of mine was called “Bitter Little Man,” but now that life has taken a turn for the more pastoral – what with the working-from-home and all the suburban domestic bliss that entails – I don’t know how else I’d keep the flames of seething rage that constantly boil within and inspire my creative genius at peak Dante’s Inferno-rpm without my Facebook friends?

Also, I get tons of leads for MO stories. Okay, a few now and then. Whenever I feel like it, and even when I don’t, I’m in constant contact with luminary figures like the former owner of Commonwealth Racing Martin Adams, legends like flat-track tuner to the stars Bill Werner, former Aussie Daytona 200 winner and wildman Graeme Crosby, and Chris at MotoGP Werks. When people aren’t showing off their cool motorcycles and rides, we’re busily discussing the events of the day. So many great motorcycle Facebook groups, too, including “Pics of interesting Motorcycles,” “Resto-Mod Motorcycles,” etc. You could spend days falling into motorcycle rabbit holes.

I get that Facebook has come in for some heavy criticism and for good reason, but for me the positives outweigh the negatories. My friends who refuse to participate remind me of the African tribespeople who don’t want their pictures taken for …read more

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