How to Juice the Electric Motorcycle Market

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By John Burns

For starters, Zero is branching out by sharing its electric powertrain with vehicles packing more than two wheels. At this year’s IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara, California, Zero showed off an electric Vanderhall (lead photo), along with a four-wheeled electric go-kart, both using its powertrain. According to an IDTechEx Research report, that’s a good idea given that the motorcycle market is the western world has been stagnant for the last decade. Italy’s Energica seconds that emotion, but adds that while the western motorcycle industry may be stagnant, electric motorcycle sales are growing in the rest of the world: Tapping into markets in Asia and supplying quality powertrains for other light electric vehicles will be important paths to growth going forward. The rest of the report follows.

Electric motorcycles: the search for new markets

Thursday, 20 December 2018


Cambridge, UK

Zero Motorcycles have exhibited at the past two IDTechEx events, and typically showcase their sporty S and off-road DS models, as well as their impressive 45kW electric motors (designed from scratch in California and produced at a factory in China). This year, at the IDTechEx Show! in Santa Clara California, things were markedly different. Zero staged two more light electric vehicles: a three-wheeled electric Vanderhall, and a four-wheeled electric go-kart, both using its powertrain. While these are still niche categories (in fact, the gasoline version of the Vanderhall has only been available to buy for the past couple of years), it is a statement from the company that it does not want to be thought of as purely a motorcycle brand. As found in the IDTechEx Research report Electric Two-wheelers 2019 – 2029, it reflects a stagnating motorcycle industry, which has been unable to attract a new younger audience for the past decade.

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