MO Tested: Eargasm Earplugs Review

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By Ryan Adams

I hate earplugs. I find shoving cheap bits of foam in my ears, which usually want to fall right back out, discomforting. Both to my ears physically and to my belief that they will actually do something to protect my hearing as they slowly push themselves back out of my ear canal, they provide little comfort.

Of course, as a motorcyclist, I’ve been told since day one that I should be riding with ear plugs. Those people are right. At highway speed, the decibel rating inside of almost any helmet is going to be over 85 db, enough to cause permanent hearing damage, and more likely to be up near 100 db, which causes irreparable harm to one’s hearing in only 15 minutes. I’m told motorcycles typically idle around 85 db, so any way you slice it, hearing protection is, at minimum, a good idea.

If bright orange foam earplugs leave you wanting more, you’re not alone. I decided to do a bit of research into options for more advanced earplugs after MO’s own Evans Brasfield scribed (typed) a Best Motorcycle Earplugs article. Evans’ article does a great job of showcasing earplugs from the fluorescent foam end of the spectrum to custom-fit-to-your-ear-hole jobs and many things in between. One of which, I had heard of before and decided I’d give a chance to turn my auditory misdeeds around.

Each order of Eargasms come with two silicon shell sizes allowing customers to fine tune their noise attenuating experience.

I’d heard the company’s name somewhere before. Ah, that’s right, Big Boi of Outkast said it thusly, “Drip, drip, drop there goes an eargasm.” I’ll let you Google the rest of the lyrics so we can keep it PG here on the pages of Eargasm Earplugs. I’d spent my whole life without …read more

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