Top 10 Gifts for Any Dirt Rider

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We’ve covered motorcyclist’s wishlists of all sort in previous years, but with the popularity of off-road and dual-sport riding growing, we felt we should throw together a list of what these special riders of ours might like more than the odd set of socks.

We’ve put together our list of the top 10 gifts for dirt riders below. This list is indiscriminate. If your special someone likes riding trails, off-road, or motocross, you better believe they could benefit from the items on this list.


They go much quicker on dual-sport bikes. Off-road bikes take advantage of the knobbly tread that gives the best traction off-road. Of course, these tires tend to wear much quicker than a traditional motorcycle tire and therefore, any dirt or dual-sport rider would be hecka-stoked to find a new set of freshies under the tree this holiday season.

Air Filters

If you live in a dusty clime like SoCal, Baja or the surrounding area, you know dust can be a major inhibitor of how much fun, and how long you can ride. Let your filter get caked, and you’re likely to be popping and burbling your entire way down the trail. It’s best to have a few filters clean and ready to go should you find the installed one caked with dust. Pre-oiled filters are available from many retailers including Rocky Mountain ATV.

Oil and Oil Filters

Top 10 Gifts

Probably the most changed parts on a dirtbike, the oil and oil filter should be swapped out for a fresh one fairly regularly. The dirt bike oil filter does as much as …read more

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