The INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera – Great System, Great Versatility, Great Insurance

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By Bruce Cole

The Breakdown

Like the original K1, the new INNOVV K2 is a dual-channel (front/rear or ??) video recording system, specifically designed for powersports but physically and functionally optimized for motorcycle use.

As the replacement for the tried and trusted K1 system, the K2 reflects an updated design and application approach in using a sealed DVR module, two hardened low-profile camera modules, a small GPS module, and a Smart Power module, all effectively brought together with heavy-duty cables and IP65/IP67 weatherproof connectors.

The K2 powers up after a slight boot delay and starts recording automatically (user intervention is allowed). The wide range of view lenses (horizontal and vertical) are just about perfect and the HD video quality is very good even in low light or nighttime conditions; this is indeed a 24/7/365 functioning system.

The WiFi link and iOS/Android apps provide a live-view or monitoring capability, with mirroring as desired while GPS data tagged to the video files provides an even more detailed record of riding activities that can be especially important in the event of incidents or accidents.

Overall First Impressions

Pros Cons
Very worthy successor to the original INNOVV dual-channel powersports system No separate remote-control, other than in using connected device and app
Excellent design and build quality Front and Back cameras cannot be set to differing resolutions/frames
Easy to install, everything needed is provided Park Mode features need fine tuning
No user interaction needed unless desired Mapping playback procedure can be fussy
Very good quality video under all conditions Recessed storage card hard to remove
Live monitoring, mirroring front and back Recorded audio not very clear or loud
Video/GPS data playback directly from camera, paired device, or as download
Great system, excellent value & investment

INNOVV K2 Overview

There is no doubt that in a technology-based fast-moving society that we sometimes need help to cope with it all and having a motorcycle-mounted accessory that enhances both the riding experience and riding …read more

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