Get Excited for New Arai Corsair-X Graphics

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By Wade Thiel

New Graphics Keep the Corsair Looking Fresh

Arai recently announced a new set of graphics for its popular Corsair-X full-face helmet. The Corsair-X is one of the best helmets out there, but it has been out for a while now and Arai has to keep it looking fresh. Its most recent effort to do so consists of two new graphics each with a few different colors.

Both of the new graphics provide the helmet with a unique look, but the Dani Samurai-2 Blue is the most eye-catching. It wouldn’t be my first choice (I prefer solid colored helmets), but even I can’t deny that it made me take a second look. The Bracket graphic is attractive, but the Dani Samurai-2 is the one to get the most excited about.

Corsair-X Dani Samurai-2

The Dani Samurai-2 is a graphic with a lot going on. At the center of the design on either side of the helmet is a samurai figure. The Arai badge displays prominently on either side and the front of the helmet. On the rear is another samurai design with the word “Dani.”

Like I said, this wouldn’t be my first choice, but I can see a lot of sportbike riders liking the style. There’s a lot going on and the more you look at the graphic the more little things you notice. Arai offers it in two different color schemes. One the company calls Blue (shown in the video above), which uses blue, white, red, and black to craft the graphic.

Image from Arai

Arai calls the other color scheme Black, and it uses black, gray, gold, and subtle hints of blue in the design. The details of the design are also a little different, with the most notable change being the samurai mask at the back of the …read more

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