Motorcycle.coms Best Shootouts of 2018

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Here at MO, comparos and shootouts are what we do. We strive to give our readers the most informative bike-to-bike comparisons. Whether it be two class-leading models brought toe-to-toe to duke it out, or bringing in every bike in a particular category, we’re here to bring you the knock-down, drag-out deathmatches MO-style.

Motorcycle.Com’s Best Shootouts Of 2017

Big comparisons are always a bear logistically, but that doesn’t stop us from putting together as many as we can. Whenever, wherever, however, we’ll be there to answer your questions on how comparable bikes stack up against each other. Looking back on 2018, we had a little bit of everything: seven bike shootouts of stark contrast, adventures south of the border, and track days big and small. So, let’s take a look back at’s Best Shootouts of 2018.

Big Dam Tour: Seven Baggers For Seven Brosephuses

Hurtling through the pitch black desert at legal-plus speeds on a collective 5,800-pounds of the best Baggers on the market was an experience those of us on the Big Dam Bagger Tour will likely cherish long into our senile years. Compiling seven bikes for a shootout at the same time can be a logistical nightmare. Compiling bikes, clearing schedules, and gathering guest test riders takes some planning. We had quite the motley crew including a slew of recently departed editors (Dirty Sean Alexander, Scott “the Frenchman” Rousseau, and Brent “J00py” Jaswinski) as well as guest tester, the king of innuendo, Thai Long Ly and our videographer’s hetero life mate Nick to fill out this seven bike shootout. Come to think of it, lifer Johnny B and the young’n R.Adams are the only two left to tell the tale. Thankfully John’s account of the voyage is here to grace the digital pages of and will hopefully be here long …read more

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