MD Bike of the Year: Kawasaki Ninja 400 (Bike Reports) (News)

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By Dirck Edge We rode lots of interesting new motorcycles this year. Among them was Honda’s incredible, redesigned Gold Wing – a bike we carefully considered in evaluating our BOTY. In the end, we decided a more significant introduction, at a dramatically lower price-point, should take the win. Light, relatively simple and inexpensive motorcycles have …

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The INNOVV K2 Motorcycle Camera – Great System, Great Versatility, Great Insurance

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By Bruce Cole The Breakdown Like the original K1, the new INNOVV K2 is a dual-channel (front/rear or ??) video recording system, specifically designed for powersports but physically and functionally optimized for motorcycle use. As the replacement for the tried and trusted K1 system, the K2 reflects an updated design and application approach in using …